Various Papers and Presentations

Recent papers and presentations can be found in the "Papers" menu.  There are a wide variety of topics and some of the presentations were particularly informal.

Four of the papers were academic papers published with Singh Brar of UDRI and Vassant Joshi from the Navy.  They involved the development of Johnson-Cook (JC) model constants.  The JC model is divided into a strength model and a fracture model.  The strength model tries to capture the effect of temperature, strain rate, and stress triaxiality on the strength of a material.  The fracture model tries to capture these same parameters' effects on the strain to failure.

One short academic paper on an optical extensometer concept was a final project report for an electro-optics lab course.  The concept worked and we all got A's if I recall correctly.  

The final academic paper was a discussion of Avionics Full Duplex (AFDX), which is basically ethernet for airplanes.  It is used on big jumbo jets for non critical functions, but was designed for handling important bits.  This paper discusses how might fare against other flight-critical bus choices.

The presentations, U3 Hacking, Firesheep on Linux, and the Euler Project were delivered at the local Dayton Microcomputer Association Linux User Group and/or the local Python User Group.